Sidney Crosby makes his way through the crowd at oPENpractice.


well, well, well… look what just popped up


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Sweet Douglas. Sweet sweet Douglas.

Getzlaf’s son Ryder watched his dad practice today. (x)

This is a photo of Robert Enke, the German goalkeeper, and his daughter Lara.  Lara was born with a heart problem and on 17th September 2006 she sadly died at the age of 2.
Robert Enke suffered from depression. He never spoke about his illness because he was scared that it would damage his career and also because him and his wife had adopted a little girl and he thought that if the adoption agency knew about his depression, they would think he wasn’t a good father and would take her away.  On 10th November 2009 Enke committed suicide. He was thirty-two years old.
In this picture, him and his daughter look so happy.
RIP Lara Enke 2004-2006
RIP Robert Enke 1977-2009